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The highly successful eCommerce business, Trumpet & Horn, focuses on finding and selling gorgeous vintage engagement rings to love birds worldwide.


Though Trumpet & Horn had great visibility due to their large Instagram following, they came to my company, Boss Sauce Creative, to help find better ways to increase conversion rates, smooth out some of the wrinkles in aesthetics and technical issues on their website, and overall optimize their digital presence. With improved UX and a refresh in design, we saw this as a huge opportunity to make the shopping experience become helpful, intuitive, and elegant.

Understanding the Audience

Trumpet & Horn’s clientele is very modern in mindset but bohemian in style. As an interesting challenge, it’s important to note that Trumpet & Horn’s target demographic is women; however, their biggest customers are actually men looking to seal the deal with an engagement ring.

As the designer behind this website, I worked to find the perfect balance between their delicate feminine style and a thoughtful UX designed for the male shopper (since men might be a little less familiar perusing vintage rings online than their female counterparts).

Photo of man using Trumpet & Horn's website

Buying an engagement ring is a big investment and important decision. Trumpet & Horn's new site should be more than just a place to browse rings, it should also be a positive experience and even a tool for their customers to help discover which ring is their perfect match.

Their team and I agreed on a mobile-first approach and began by creating an app-like experience for their online store. Optimizations were made in every detail from a navigation reorganization, to a custom filter tool, to a better product-detail preview so that their website is as premium as the sparkly one-of-a-kind ring their customers are searching for.

Simplifying the Search

The menu was condensed to a few easy options and reorganized for a clearer user flow. I suggested we implement a new filter tool to display their options in simple icons and easy-to-tap buttons. This replaced Trumpet & Horn’s formerly extensive list of potential filter options that was overwhelming to even the most knowledgeable of gemstone shoppers.

Photo of Trumpet and Horn Sketches
Trumpet and Horn mobile redesign
Balancing text-heavy pages

Keeping the copy from the original website was important to the T&H team as a means to preserve their SEO rankings. Finding ways to incorporate their descriptive paragraphs in an approachable but unobtrusive way, especially on mobile, was challenging. I approached through clean but minimizing techniques like buttons to access the less integral information on mobile or tab systems on desktop.

Responsive Website Trumpet & Horn



Once you find a ring you like, the shopping experience is condensed to fit entirely to the height of a mobile screen, this way shoppers can easily swipe up and down to see big, high-quality photos and videos that show the gorgeous intricacies of each ring. This also allowed us to leave the CTAs constantly visible for higher conversion rates and easy access to share features - including the newest "Text this Ring to a Friend Feature" for the inevitable, but not-so-subtle, "Hint, Hint, Nudge, Nudge" SMS message.

Cohesive Shopping Experience

After designing their dream mobile site, I dusted off their desktop version and redesigned it to exhibit the same attention to detail and modern femininity the mobile site now exuded. Trumpet & Horn has some seriously talented photographers in their squad so we made sure to find ways and bring those aspects to light. Clean lines and ease-of-use brought a breath of fresh air to Trumpet & Horn’s new online store.

Photo of Trumpet and Horn Responsive Website Redesign